2 years old 
20 months 
Pedigree of : Zinfndel Wonder Bread

Pedigree of : Zinfndel Wonder Bread

CERFd Annually Clear/Normal

Color: Black

Call name: Wonder

Date of Birth: 07-28-2009

Owned By: Scott Ashley, Natalie Williams &
Joan & Jerry Saldana

Kennel: Fishpaw Labradors

Bred By: Joan and Jerry Saldana






BISS AM CH Paradocs Delians Scrubbing In
CH Wiscoy Paradocs Ben Franklin
AM/CAN CH Paradocs Tabathas Caillou
CH Tabatha's Sport WC

BISS CH Dickendall Davaron Gable

CH Tabatha's Giggle

CH Tabatha's Paradocs Kali

CH Tabatha's Knight

BISS AM CH Tabatha's Frazzle

Wiscoys Goodnight Kiss
BISS CH Weathertop El Nino CCW

AM/CAN/DUTCH CH Beechcroft Regal Air

CH Beechcroft's Weathertop Wind

BISS CH Wiscoys Say Goodnight Gracie

BISS AM/CAN CH Linrays Over The Top

CAN CH Wiscoy Sky's T'Limit

Paradocs Tabatha's Lily
BISS CH Dickendall Davaron Gable
CH Dickendall Arnold JH

CH Dickendall Ruffy SH

Dickendall A-Ha

Wolvercote Gaity Girl

ENG CH Sandylands Gad-About SH

Kimvalley Geisha Girl at Wolvercote

CH Tabatha's Morning Cream
CH Hennings Mill Master Charge

CH Guidelines Master Card

CH Lady's Day at Rocheby

CH Tabatha's Morning Chat

CH Tabatha's Drifter at Dickendall JH

CH Tabatha's Morning Dove

Tabatha's Keep-A-Way
CH Dickendall Davaron Orange Ruffy SH
CH Dickendall Ruffy SH
CH (INT_UK_US) Receiver of Cranspire

INT CH Cranspire Skytrain

ENG CH Polly's Pride of Genisval SH

CH Moorwood Jewel

CH Eireannach Black Coachman

CH Beaver's Lavinia of Moorwood WC

Dickendall A-Ha
CH Marshland Blitz

CH Allegheny's Eclipse

CH Marshland Paisley Broone SH

Dickendall Rose Royce

CH Briary Bracken

Raisin Cain of Woodbrook CD

Tabatha's Hideway at Zinfndel
CAN CH Tabatha's Gadabout WC
CH Tabatha's Drifter at Dickendall JH

CH Dickendall Arnold JH

CH Tabatha's Valleywood Decoy WC

Tabatha's Lindy WCX

AM/CAN CH Davoeg's Silky Beau

CH Tabatha's Sparkler WC

Tabatha's Siren WC
ENG/AM/CAN CH Lindall Mastercraft JW, SH

ENG CH Charway Ballywillwill

Morningtown Stormette JW, CCW

CH Tabatha's Corker O'Vallewood WC

CH Hampshires Calypso

AM/CAN CH Valleywood Kannonball Kate

11 months 
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